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Bossco (stock code: 300422), founded in 1999, is a leader in environmental engineering with its headquarter located in Nanning, Guangxi along with multiple subsidiaries and service offices across the country. Bossco is rated as one of the key enterprises in national Torch Program, key enterprise of CAEPI and good domestic environmental protection brand in China.

As comprehensive environmental service provider, Bossco has its current scope covering a wide range of fields which includes water treatment, ecological rehabilitation, clean production, solid waste treatment, gas treatment, new sources of energy and green products, implementing by manners of engineering, developing, manufacturing, building, operating and investing for the whole business.

Bossco’s motto, “Turning Science Into Reality”, serves as reinforcement of corporative identity and sense of encouragement along with providing excellent services that fulfill various customer demands. With its market-leading services, our technologies and products are exported overseas, e.g. east Europe, ASEAN, Russia and South America.

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