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Water treatment

Bossco has developed sufficient capabilities of researching and equipment manufacturing to provide overall solutions and services against water treatment and management in terms of requirements and ex…

Ecological Restoration

Bossco has a group of professional elites to perform field investigation and modelling in terms of risk management for soil and ground water, and spatial and temporal distribution of contaminants prio…

Air pollution control

Bossco constantly puts efforts on the development and application of air control technologies, with accumulated engineering experiences, cooperation with research facilities, and advanced natures of f…

Solid Waste Treatment

Bossco has developed various applicable technologies within solid waste treatment and resource utilization, e.g. MeTHAD - thermophilic anaerobic digestion, DACS - dynamic aerobic composting system, so…

Clean Production

Bossco’s Strategy of comprehensive prevention is applied in production. ECF bleaching technology is able to control and reduce the pollution emission in original beginnings, and to achieve win-win re…

New energy

In terms of stock characteristics, aerogenesis period and operation, two-stage blend-stirred anaerobic treatment process is developed along with anaerobic reactor to treatment organic matters and prod…

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