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Up-flow Multistage Anaerobic Reactor (UMAR) is designed with main process of microbial anaerobic digestion for highly concentrated organic wastewater, combining with multistage treatment technology, fluid bed technology and sludge granulation technology in one system. It has multiple characteristics regarding to lower land occupancy, low retention time and strong impact resistance. Biogas generated in the process can be recycled for heat energy and electricity.

Up-flow Heterogeneous Oxidation Tower (UHOFe) is designed for hardly biodegradable wastewater by combining fluidized bed, heterogeneous oxidation technology and film technology. It is applicable to treatment for agricultural chemical wastewater, yeast wastewater, paper bleaching effluent, and waste leachate. It demonstrates its advantages in land occupancy, treatment efficiency and adaptability.

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Guangxi Guitang

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Guangxi Guitang

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