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ACM reactor is an anaerobic - contact oxidation dephosphorization denitrification biofilm reactor for domestic wastewater in rural area in terms of effluent quality fluctuation and concentration of organism. The system integrates multiple stages of treatment - anaerobic, facultative, aerobic and sedimentation. Its advantages are presented in efficiency, investment and management.

AEW Swamp System is an ecological purification system designed for centralized rural domestic wastewater treatment regarding climate and soil conditions within southern China, operating in adaptability, efficiency as well as low construction costs and high economic effects.

MCO point wastewater treatment system is a small scale wastewater treatment system with multiple stage contact reaction for scattered rural domestic wastewater treatment. The main function of the system is to degrade organics and remove nitrogen and phosphorus with automation, separation and elimination of bacteria. It’s stable and convenient especially for rural property with low flow of domestic effluent. 

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