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1.Thermal Desorption

The process involves heating contaminated soil to boiling point of the target contaminants, forcing contaminants desorbed from soil particle and evaporated into gas phase, so that contaminants can be eventually removed from the soil. The process shows better effect on mercury contamination and volatile organic contaminants.


the The process involves mixing chemicals with contaminants with mechanical equipment, sealing the contaminants by physical and chemical actions to form solids with low permeability, or transforming into inactive chemicals to reduce transfer or diffusion.

3.the process involves dosing effective chemicals (Fenton agent) in soil to transform contaminants into non-toxic and harmless chemical compounds, which agents are developed by Bossco.

Relocation Site Restoration Project Nanning Chemical Group

(widest, largest, highest variety of contaminant species, and highest investment for field restoration project within Guangxi Province)

Lan Tian Reject Treatment, Huangjiang, Guangxi

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