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Chlorine dioxide preparation based on Methanol


Principle description:

In method (BSC-M), sodium chlorate is used as oxidant and methanol as reducing agent, reacting with sulfuric acid to produce chlorine dioxide gas under certain conditions. The gas is absorbed by chilled water to obtain chlorine dioxide solution after cooling step, while the by-product acidic salt cake is recovered.
      This technology is suitable in areas which have sufficient supply of sulfuric acid, methanol, sodium chlorate. The design capacity is 1 ~ 50 t/d and is flexible to requirements for upgraded line and green field line.


Technical characteristics:
(1)Advanced technology, stable process;
(2) Simple operation, quick start and stop;
(3)Stable operation, Safe and reliable system;
(4) High degree of automation, simple operation and management;
(5)Environmental friendly, byproduct utilization.


Classic case



12 t/d Chlorine Dioxide Plant



35T/D Chlorine Dioxide Plant

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