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Sodium chlorate preparation

Principle description:

Sodium chlorate preparation technology is based on salt or refined salt as raw materials and prepare sodium chlorate by electrolysis. Salt firstly is made into secondary purified brine, Sodium chlorate solution is obtained in electrolysis. The whole system mainly consists of brine purification process, the electrolysis process, crystallization and drying process etc.


Technical characteristics:
(1) High efficiency of current, low power consumption, high yield for individual cell and good sealing;
(2) Adopt killed steel for the cathode and titanium for the anodes with special coating, titanium shell, reliable in operation;
(3) Vacuum crystallization in low temperature. Short crystallization process, low energy consumption, high degree of automation, large particle size for products, low probability in agglomerate, stable quality;
(4) Standard fluidized bed for drying, small area occupies, low running costs, low probability in scarring, easy operation and maintenance.


Classic case



15,000T/Y Sodium Chlorate Plant Electrolysis Unit.

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