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Municipal Water Supply

The company's services cover water affairs investment and operation,urban water supply and drainage engineering,municipal waste water management and reccle,urban inlang river and black and odorous water management,sponge city engineering,surface water ecological rehabilitation. More>>


Automatic backwash filter is a purification system that intercepts suspended particles with quartzite beds for subsequence process in wastewater treatment and urban water supply. In the process, filtrate shall be continuously lifted up and backwashed under influence of back current to reduce power loss comparing to conventional cleaning process. More>>

Rural Wastewater

ACM reactor is an anaerobic - contact oxidation dephosphorization denitrification biofilm reactor for domestic wastewater in rural area in terms of effluent quality fluctuation and concentration of organism. The system integrates multiple stages of treatment - anaerobic, facultative, aerobic and sedimentation. Its advantages are presented in efficiency, investment and management. More>>

Black and odorous water

Floatation purification unit is integral treatment equipment designed to purify suspended particles by floating with micro air bubbles in case of emergency process at drainage of effluent. It has advantages in terms of low land occupancy, treatment efficiency and short retention time, especially in limited space for drainage area. More>>

Industrial Wastewater

Bossco has developed sufficient capabilities of researching and equipment manufacturing to provide overall solutions and services against water treatment and management in terms of requirements and expectations of end users, concluding objectives in consistency and efficiency by combining original core equipment with major technologies of wastewater treatment. Bossco has been involved with anaerobic technologies, advanced oxidation, water recycling, claiming dominant status in the country. Technologies ar… More>>

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