Ecological Restoration

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Groundwater Restoration

1.Groundwater Pumping Treatment The process involves using water pumps and wells to pumping contaminated water from underground, processing with treatment system above ground, and then recharging back or reusing for water supply. More>>

Field Restoration

Bossco has a group of professional elites to perform field investigation and modelling in terms of risk management for soil and ground water, and spatial and temporal distribution of contaminants prior to overall integrated assessment. A series of technologies are developed and applicable against contaminated soil and fields, e.g. thermal desorption, immobilization, chemical oxidation, soil flushing, and combined restoration. More>>

Water Restoration

The system is designed to reconstruct aquatic ecosystems and rebuild self-cleaning capacity through efficient food chains combined with aquatic animals, aquatic plants, and microorganism to present a productive underwater ecosystem, in principle of eutrophication management, as well as combined process of water cycle and reaeration, by multiple technologies of biological control, underwater plants construction and artificial ecosystem. More>>

Soil and Fields

The process involves transforming contaminants into transferrable chemical phase with processed water or flushing agents, separating contaminated soil components, or transforming contaminants from soil phase to liquid phase prior to collecting and treating flushing solution. More>>

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