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Hazardous Waste

The treatment process for hazardous waste mainly involves with utilization, to materialization, incineration and sanitary landfill with primary methods of materialization, incineration and technical controls for solidification, landfill impermeable layer and leachate. More>>

Waste Treatment

The process is properly designed to separate wastes by roller separation technology in terms of size and specific gravity, removing impurities, and collecting organic matters which will be crushed for the subsequent anaerobic treatment to generate biogas energy. More>>

Industrial Waste

ndustrial wastes can be recycled with proper treatment process to make materials or energy, e.g. cements, concrete materials, bricks, fibers, or stones for construction; otherwise, it can be used to extract metals and rare metals, e.g. iron, aluminum, copper, lead, zinc, vanadium, molybdenum, uranium, germanium, scandium, titanium etc; fertilizers or soil improvers. Technically, the wastes are effectively isolated with multi-technologies of barriers, impermeable layers and leachate control from biosphere.… More>>

Sludge Treatment

DACS hyperthermic fermentation tower is a core equipment for sludge treatment. In order to process harmless treatment, stock temperature rises up to 55 degree C by action of aerobic microorganism, which provide an environment to terminate pathogenic bacteria and weed seeds, and degrade volatile organic compounds. Stock distribution cover of tower feeding inlet is conical for evenly distributing stocks towards wall of tower. The distribution cover evenly spread the stock pile in V shape, contributing to en… More>>

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