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Chlorine dioxide preparation

ECF (Element Chlorine Free) bleaching technology based on the ClO2 is applied worldwide. ECF technology is better the bleaching quality and friendly to the environment. The key of ECF bleaching is the chlorine dioxide preparation technology. More>>

Sodium chlorate preparation

Sodium chlorate preparation technology is based on salt or refined salt as raw materials and prepare sodium chlorate by electrolysis. Salt firstly is made into secondary purified brine, Sodium chlorate solution is obtained in electrolysis. The whole system mainly consists of brine purification process, the electrolysis process, crystallization and drying process etc. Technical characteristics: High efficiency of current, low power consumption, high yield for individual cell and good sealing; Adopt killed … More>>

Peroxide preparation system

Hydrogen peroxide preparation plant is catalyst way of anthraquinone process, The whole process is divided into four units: Hydrogenation, Oxidation, extraction and concentration, and then it is the mass fraction of 27.5% - 60% aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide products. Technical characteristics: )Proven process, advance technology and simplified production unit; Automatic management and operation; High of hydrogenation reaction and oxidation reaction efficiency; Low power comsuption; Adjustable o… More>>

Chlorine –consumed plants

Other matched Chlorine –consumed plants , which includes TCCA, bleaching powder and epoxy chloropropane, it has been industrialization. Normally the Chlorine gas is abundance if there is one built in alkali-Chlorine plant inside the pulp mill, however, this chlorine gas couldn’t not vent to atmosphere directly by law, so the Chlorine –consumed plant can help mill to handle this chlorine gas, it will create new value at the same time. More>>

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